Why BabyCare

Why choose BabyCare to perform your scan?

Who are BabyCare and BodyCare Scanning?

BabyCare and BodyCare Scanning are a professional, experienced, caring and friendly ultrasound scanning service, with several years experience in both the NHS and private sector, clinical and teaching, providing 2D, 3D and 4D health and pregnancy scans.  We cover Several areas including Inverurie, Elgin, Peterhead, Fraserburgh, Aberdeen, Westhill, Banchory, Inverness and the Highlands.   Our Reviews reflect who we are and what we are about!

Qualifications, experience and State Registration with the Health Professions Council.

Unlike some other companies, our Sonographers are fully qualified, State Registered Clinical Specialists in Ultrasound, thus you can be sure that you are in safe hands. We are qualified in Medical Ultrasound having studied at Masters Level at UK Universities, and work in both the NHS and the private sector, having several years proven experience.

Our Memberships include British Medical Ultrasound Society (www.bmus.org), The Society of Radiogaphers (www.sor.org) and State Registered with the Health Professions Council

As much as we enjoy our NHS job, there are constraints such as limited time to spend upon each examination, and the pressure that brings during a busy day. It is with excitement therefore that we have launched BabyCare Ultrasound Scanning, which gives the freedom to increase examination times, allowing your scan to be a more relaxed and fulfilling experience.

Your Pregnancy Scanning Session

Talking personally, we are enthusiastic and passionate about life inside the womb! There is so much for you to discover and learn about your unborn baby, and it our pleasure to share as much with you as possible, and make your scanning experience with BabyCare unforgettable! Your baby is a busy little person in the womb, and it is wonderful to share the fascinating life that unfolds before your eyes as your scan takes place. It is our hope that your bond with your baby will deepen as a result, and that your excitement and enthusiasm will increase, as your pregnancy progresses, looking ahead to the day when baby will finally be in your arms.

Your Care

As Medical Professionals, you can be assured of our Duty of Care towards to you. With all examinations performed, in the unfortunate circumstance of anything unexpected or unusual being identified during your examination, this will be explained to you, giving you time to ask any questions. In addition, with your permission, a written report will be provided to your General Practitioner, Midwife or Obstetrician, ensuring continuity of your care.

Ultrasound Equipment

Careful consideration has been given to the choice of equipment used to perform your Scan. This has not been dependent upon cost, but rather upon quality and safety. We use leading edge Voluson Ultrasound Technology, by GE, the World Leaders in 2D and 4D imaging technology and advanced performance machines. This ensures that we obtain the best scan possible for you.

The age of Ultrasound equipment is also important, as this has an affect on the detail and clarity of your scan, and upon performance safety. The Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists advise that Ultrasound Equipment should not be older than 5 years. We adhere to this, and the equipment used by BabyCare Scanning has just been replaced and is Brand New as of September 2015. This ensures high standards in the image quality of your scan, and provides safety assurances, which would otherwise be compromised as a result on use of older deteriorating equipment.

In addition to this, BabyCare’s ultrasound equipment is regularly serviced and maintained on contract, by specialist medical engineers. Due to testing and benchmarking at release of equipment, any deterioration in the performance of the equipment will be detected and addressed, ensuring continuation of high equipment standards, performance and safety, resulting in peace of mind.

Ultrasound Services at Locations near you

In the North, there is limited availability of private ultrasound examinations, with clients or parents often having to travel long distances to secure a scan. There are also limited pregnancy examinations available through the NHS, with an early dating scan around 12 weeks, and an anomaly scan around 20 weeks being the routine. Many parents however, have needs and concerns which can lead to anxiety, and due to the aforementioned restrictions, these are often left unmet. It is the aim of BabyCare Scanning to fill these gaps in service provision, by bringing clinics closer to your home, offering a variety of scans to meet your needs. Clinics are located in Inverurie and Elgin.

BabyCare Scanning